Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid!

Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid!

Based on the much-loved books by Francesca Simon and the hugely popular CITV series by Novel Entertainment.

For the first time ever on stage, Henry takes his rightful place in the spotlight - along with Mum, Dad, Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret, Rude Ralph and all your favourite characters. Only they're not going to be in the spotlight, of course, not if Henry's got anything to do with it!

And Henry's even got John Godber, author of Bouncers, Un 'N' Under, Teechers, and many other great plays, to help make this an occasion not to be missed. Unless you're a vegetable-eating, homework-loving smelly-nappy baby. In which case, you should stay at home!

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Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid! played at Traflagar Studios from 21 November 2008 -11 January 2009.

Presented by Michael Edwards & Carole Winter for MJE Productions in association with Novel Entertainment, Watershed Productions and Sheffield Theatres