Damascus confirms a dramatist’s blinding talent.

Daily Telegraph

Welcome to Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth, a jewel of the Arab world and the crossroads of the Middle East. Paul is here to sell English-language textbooks. It’s Valentine’s Day and he’d rather be at home with his wife. As he begins negotiations with his Syrian contact, Muna, misunderstandings multiply until their presumptions about one another fall away and new possibilities emerge.

David Greig’s on cracking form.

Sunday Times  

Cast Included: Nathalie Armin, Alex Elliot, Paul Higgins, Dolya Gavanski

Director: Philip Howard
Designer: Anthony Macllwaine
Lighting Designer: Chahine Yavroyan
Composer: Jon Beales
Sound Designer: Graham Sutherland

Damascus played at the Tricycle Theatre from 3 February  - 7 March 2009 before touring the Middle East, supported by the British Council.

Presented by Michael Edwards and Carole Winter for MJE Productions